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Healio Rheuminations

Dec 10, 2021

Is this episode clinically relevant? No. Is it important? I think so! The story of Bartonella features a cast of characters, including a medical student who died trying to understand the disease, as well as some scientists with some less than ethical experiments. Enjoy!

  • Intro :01
  • Welcome to another exciting episode of Rheuminations :11
  • About today’s episode 1:12
  • More discussion of Bartonella quintana 2:52
  • How did we figure out the lice were actually the problem? 7:32
  • When do we figure out what this infection organism is? 11:51
  • A quick refresher of Koch’s postulates 12:58
  • How did they get the volunteers to do this? 13:33
  • The story of how Bartonella got its name 17:00
  • What is Bartonella bacilliformis? 17:38
  • Who is Richard Strong? 26:29
  • How do we finally prove that Carrion’s disease is what Carrion had proven? 28:25
  • About Bartonella henselae 32:21
  • Recapping the episode 36:39
  • Thanks for listening 37:24

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