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Healio Rheuminations

Dec 18, 2020

The completion of the Endocarditis for the Rheumatologist trilogy! This episode focuses on the glomerulonephritis of endocarditis as well as the immunologic abnormalities you can see on labs.

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  • Intro :11
  • In this episode :22
  • Recap of previous episodes :39
  • About episode three 1:00
  • How labs can give a clue to endocarditis being a culprit 1:23
  • The immune complex nature of infective endocarditis 6:30
  • How do you measure immune complex? 9:10
  • What are the effects of immune complex formation on the organ systems? 12:37

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  • Cryoglobulins and rheumatoid factor in infective endocarditis 15:12
  • The kidneys and infective endocarditis 16:45
  • Glomerulonephritis and infective endocarditis 24:15
  • ANCA-positive vasculitis and infective endocarditis 29:09
  • A summary of infective endocarditis 32:21
  • Takeaways 33:28
  • A preview of next episode 33:48
  • Conclusion 34:12

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Tire squealing sound effect by Mike Koenig.